About Us

I am Nora, a blogger and travel writer working professionally with a booking website. During the day, I am writing about multiple cities and best places you could visit, but at night I am always watching Asian dramas on Netflix, Viki and so on. I tend to get obsessed with one actor at a time so you will find many stalker guides on my blog. Kim Seon Ho, Yoo Seung Ho, Yoo Jin Goo, and Choi Tae Joon are few of the actors I fell in love with ever since I started this blog a year ago. 

Blogging about dramas has always been my passion. While it takes time to get everything ready for a blog you love, my journey with Beetle Reviews is so far considered a successful journey. I will keep aiming for better results for myself and drama lovers out there.

Few Quotes I love 

" I think that loving someone once in a lifetime is enough" - Because It is My First Life

"You can love like fire, but it is all over when you break up" - When the Camelia Blooms

" I said " Stand Tall"" - Save Me