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 It is not every day you find an actor like this guy, he is funny, good at impersonations, and a great actor to top that. Lee Sang Yeob is well known for his supporting and evil roles in dramas like "While You Were Sleeping" and " Listen to Love". Unlike other actors in this series, I didn't binge-watch all of Lee Sang Yeob dramas; instead, I watched them as they air mostly, especially the Makjang dramas. Here is a list of his best dramas so far. 

Lee Sang Yeob Best Dramas

1. While You Were Sleeping

Starring Lee Jong Suk and Suzy, While You Were Sleeping is a romantic drama with a touch of fantasy as the main leads can predict the future. Sang Yeob' s role as the evil lawyer really hit viewers hard in this one. Before this, he was always a fun, attractive guy or a clumsy neighbour, so seeing how he could capture all the essence of an evil character broadened and helped Sang Yeob's career a lot. Watch " While You Were Sleeping" if you wish to see an evil guy who you can never love. I hated his guts till the very end. 

Bonus Tip: This is the drama that paved the way for Jung Hae In to become the main lead in his drama. 

2. Good Casting 

A rather unique and funny concept to the idea of having spies around you, it is funny enough to keep you entertained; however, it is differently not a representative of spy dramas and not a thrilling drama so beware. Sang Yeob's plays the role of a company director who was in love with one of the spies when he was very young. He is definitely a good guy, but, he is one of the suspects that the spies are monitoring throughout the drama. Watch this one if you really want a comedy-drama with a parody-like storyline. 

Bonus Tip: Good Casting Kdrama was highly anticipated as Choi Kang Hee first comeback in two years after Queen of Mystery. 

3. Once Again 

Makjang dramas are somehow one of the main genres that Lee sang Yeob acts in most of the time. Beside Good Casting, he also starred in Once Again in 2020 where he played a paediatrician who gets a divorce from his wife as a result of pent-up frustrations and misunderstandings. Once again is a very relatable drama about the ups and downs of life. It is a bit too long for my preference; however, it is a suitable drama for lovers of the slice of life genre.

4. My Wife is Having an Affair This Week

A second lead with quite an imaginative mind. Lee Sang Yeob plays the coworker of the main lead in this drama. He is one of the confidantes of the male lead and the person who is always bickering with Boa. This drama marks the debut of singer BOA as an actress and a friendship between BOA and Lee Sang Yeob that they showcased on variety shows as well. 

Lee Sang Yeob in Variety Shows

Sang Yeob has a talent for variety shows; he is well-known as an actor who can entertain. He is a natural-born voice imitator able to imitate most of the popular voices on the spot. One of his famous popularity spikes actually came from his appearances on Running Man, where he was a regular guest for a while to the point people thought he joined the hosts' team. 

1. Lee Sang Yeob on Running Man 

Start watching from episode 381 to 400, as you will see plenty of Sang Yeob on Running Man during that period. He first appeared in a villain special after his role in " While you Were Sleeping" was a hit, and it seems like people loved him enough to have the writers and producers invite him regularly for a long-term project called " Family Package Project." Sang Yeob continues to appear on the show until now though not as much as he did before. He is a well-known friend to almost all presenters.

2. Lee Sang Yeob on Knowing Bros

Sang Yeob appeared on two very special episodes on the famous Knowing Bros, Ep. 111 and 153. He partnered with BOA on one episode and appeared with his friend On Joo-wan in the second one. I especially love the one with his friend; the hosts kept teasing them for their unique friendship. They definitely seemed very close to each other. 

3. Let's Eat Dinner Together 

Sang Yeob appeared on one episode of the show, shot in Gonjyo, where he visits a pottery village. As a fan of the show, I enjoyed the episode so much. He was lucky enough to eat with the owner of a pottery shop with unique designs that I loved. She even knew how to play music and sing. Watch episode 104 of Let's Eat Dinner Together to see all the details. 

4. Prison Life of Fools/ Mafia Game in Prison

Know the famous Mafia game; this is a real-life version of it featuring famous singers, gagmen and actors. San Yeob is a regular member of this one, and he really has great chemistry with the cast. It is too bad this program was cancelled after its first season. Kim Jong Min, Got7 JB and Sang Yeob were really funny in this one. 

5. Lee Sang Yeob on Strong Heart 

His first variety show ever, he was so young in this one. He appeared with Park Shin Hye in an episode that was promoting a show they did together. Although I didn't watch the show, I loved the episode so much. I still remember his clmusy dance and how he agreed to whatever they told him to do on the show. This is what made me like him to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lee Sang Yeob

1. Who is Lee Sang Yeob?

He is a 37 years old actor who started his career in 2008 in the drama " A Happy Woman". He is 182 m height, and his blood type is B. Born to rich parents, he is the only grandson to former Dongguk Jaekang chairman Kim Jong-jin. 

2. What are Lee Sang Yeob's Social Media Accounts?

 He is very active on Instagram; however, it doesn't seem like he has any other official accounts. His Instagram account currently has over a million follower. 

3. Is Lee Sang Yeob Married?

Sang Yeob is not married, although he is open to relationships. He dated fellow actress Gong Hyun-joo for a while, and they seemed lovey-dovey; however, they announced their break up in 2016. He mentioned in an episode of " My Little old boy" that he was in many relationships, but he was rarely the one to end the relationship. He is the type to fall deeply in love that the other person sometimes finds him burdensome. 


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