K-pop and Korean Drama Websites You Should Follow

Here is one thing I know about Kpop and Kdrama content, and that is that there is always something new every second. To keep up with these new issues, I have a shortlist of websites that I regularly stalk for updates. I don't trust any website 100%, however, reading an exclusive here and there and confirming it via more research is a writer's job. So here we go!

1. Allkpop

It is not the most trustworthy website; however, Allkpop is one of the websites I stalk for new content, especially about new idol groups and controversies. Sometimes they mention controversies that do not count as scandals or controversies, to begin with. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is up to the reader to decide what to believe, so their approach is one way of writing that shows one side. 

2. Koreaboo

With an addictive design that keeps you moving from one article to another before you realize you have read more than you should, Koreaboo is a website that I enter whenever I wish to read lighthearted articles. For some reason, every single Instagram post on social media could become an article on this website. Articles about a good clothing piece that an idol was wearing or statements jokingly said in a broadcast are written in no time on this website. It kinda reminds me of the articles written in real-time that we see in Dramas. 

3. Soompi

Interested in the next big thing in the Kdrama world? Soompi is the best place to check out. With articles that discuss certain genres, actors lifestyle, upcoming airing dates and so on. It is one of the top resources you should check out for actors updates—also, the best place to check the top dramas on Viki. 

4. Dramabeans

Who doesn't know the ultimate website for recaps like no others!! Dramabeans is what got me to start a few of my favourite shows. I still remember how I started " Just Between Lovers" after reading about it on Dramabeans. Although it was the saddest I ever watched, It still remains one of my favourites till now. Check out Dramabeans for recaps on latest shows like Birthcare Centre. 

5. Feedspot

Although not exactly a website that is mainly for Kdramas, Feedspot has a blog that focuses on creating lists with the top websites in many genres. Being a fan of reading other bloggers opinions, I stumbled upon an article mentioning top 80 Korean Drama blogs and websites on this website, and now it is where I check for new bloggers on the horizon. It is definitely worth a look. 


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