Korean Horror Fantasy Dramas for Scaredy Cats

Horror Drama in Halloween

With COVID still controlling the situation, you might feel that you have very few options to enjoy Halloween. However, that doesn't have to be true. If you can't watch movies in the cinema, start binging a drama from now. If your cosplay will not be seen live, make use of the situation and spread your skills online. Edit your pics and maybe even hold your photoshoot at home! It is easy to enjoy any event with the right amount of creativity. For this reason, here is a list of dramas you will find entertaining to watch from now till the end of the month. 

My Criteria for Non-Scary Fantasy Horror Dramas

As scaredy-cat, I hate scary movies and dramas; therefore, I always refer to online reviews before I start watching any horror tagged drama. I also refer to a few online friends to make sure the drama I choose has nothing that will make me uncomfortable. What scares me could differ from what scares you, though, so the following few points will disclose my criteria in judging that a drama is ok for me to watch. 

1. Non-Gory drama with very few blood scenes and no deception of extremely violent actions that include amputation or gushing blood or sadistic, cruel deaths. Implied actions are fine for me, though.

2. Dramas with no psychopathic patterns or sadistic behaviours of a disturbed character that wins in the end. Basically, nothing like Joker.

3. Nothing about Cannibals!!!!

4. Nothing about Zombies!

5. Nothing too gross, stuff with many slime monsters and so on are not scary for me, but they just gross me out. 

Other than the above points, I watch horror dramas that include ghosts, urban legends, fantasy beings, ghost crimes and a couple of gory deaths that are not shown on screen. If you are the same as me, continue reading below for non-scary dramas that you should binge this Halloween. 

Spooky Halloween Dramas for Scaredy Cats

1. Lovely Horribly 

Lovely Horribly

With a unique story about the complicated fate of two people, "Lovely Horribly" depicts all the elements of horror while still maintaining a romantic tone that is unique to it alone. The ghost of a previous love plays a major role in the male lead's life, and Ji Ho plays a writer who can someone see the future. Very few scenes could count as scary in this drama, and even the ghosts are even more human than some humans. 

2. Tale of the Nin-Tailed

Tale of The Nine-Tailed

After Strangers from Hell, Lee Dong Wook accepted this fantasy role with a touch of horror. Although, you won't find the genre stated as horror for this one. It is even scarier than Lovely Horribly. Kim Bum is so far the optimum of an antagonist with a psychological disorder. The amount of people he kills in just the first six episodes of the drama is probably more than the number of people I ever saw killed in even mystery dramas. A couple of scenes even implied very gory deaths, although not shown, the background is more than enough to give you that restless feeling. 

3. Save Me

Save Me

Want a drama with sadism and an eerie feeling that you are bound to hate and love at the same time? This is the one for you then. Save me discusses the story of Sang-mi whose parents end up in the clutches of a cult after her brother commits suicide. She asks for help from old classmates who risk their lives to save her from the clutches of the sadistic, perverted, crazy cult leader. Save me has few disturbing actions from cult believers, a couple of deaths and violent scenes, as well as drug use and other stuff that might affect some people, so keep that mind if you choose this one. Nothing bloody or gory enough to have me very disturbed was shown though. 

4. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna

Labelled as dark fantasy, Hotel Del Luna could count as a slight horror, especially due to the realistic make-up and special effects used on the dead people. If you are unable to accept make-up that shows hollow eyes, gunshots, and bloody wounds, this might not be the best drama for you. However, taking into consideration that the drama itself is about the hotel where dead people reside, nothing in Hotel Del Luna could count as scary. For me, it was only that blind dead spirit at the beginning who scared the hell out of me. Otherwise, the drama is very enjoyable and full of suspense. Check out Yoo Jin Goo Actor scope for a drama list for the male lead. 

5. A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey

With a heroine who can see spirits, A Korean Odyssey is labelled as horror in most websites. Although there are few ghosts here and there, this drama has an element of comedy that keeps you away from any scary feeling you might get. While watching, I never felt scared at all during this one. It does get serious later on; however, it was definitely not scary to watch. This is probably the only drama that gets a 10/10 for matching all my points. 


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