Korean Dramas With No Romance

A little bit of a different approach to the K-World is sometimes all you need to drag that one persistent friend to become as much of a Kdrama fan as you. While many old fans like me started Kdramas as teenagers in love with Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers and Lee Sung Gi in My Girlfriend is a Gumhio, etc. that's not the case for everyone. Frankly, If someone tried to turn me into a fan using these dramas now, I would not bother checking any other Korean drama. Simply because the genre is always the same " Romantic Comedy". After 21 you start searching for diversity and that where the following list is useful, your friend at work will definitely fall in love with one of these dramas. 
Korean Dramas With No Romance

Non-Romantic K-Drama on Netflix and Viki

1. Cheif Kim 

Cheif Kim

Need a drama that discusses workplace corruption, leadership, clashing ideologies and everyday office workers life, this is the drama for you! Cheif Kim does not have much romance if any, two side characters fall in love in 5 minutes of one episode, and that's all there is. The story mostly revolves around Cheif Kim, who was hired to cover-up the corruption of the company and turns into the black horse who saves the day. Interesting?! Recommend this one to your office worker and wait for an unexpected reaction. 

2. My Mister

My Mister

Not into comedy? All you need is an episode, and you will get hooked watching this one. My Mister is a humane story about two miserable people who help each other overcome the worst crises of their lives. If "Parasite" turned you into a Lee Sun Gyun fan, you definitely must check this drama. His portrayal of a husband and an office worker facing betrayal is just what you need to cry a bit. This drama also set the bar really high for IU as an actress, I believe she will never overdo her portrayal in this one. 

3. Signal 


Clearly a non-cliche Korean drama, this show plays around with the concept of time and communication. The main characters exist in both the present and the past, and a simple transmitter is the main connection line between both. Solving mysteries from the past using future technology and investigation skills is a stunning set-up you should never miss! Experience the emotions of the past and the future watching things from the point of view of both characters. While there are romantic hints between Kim Hye-soo and Cho Jin-Woong the drama does not focus on this part at all, so it is definitely a go-to for an interesting mystery Kdrama.

4. School 2013

School 2013

Set the bar really high for your friendship goals as you watch this unique tale of comradeship! I am not exaggerating by saying this drama set the careers of both Kim Wo Bin and Lee Jung Suk. Their characters and interactions as friends with a huge misunderstanding showcase their pure ability in acting without the need for fluffy cringy romantic scenes. Watch this one if you still think high-school Kdramas are cliche! They are really not!

5. Save Me

Save Me Kdrama

Need a dark tale that will give you goosebumps? This is the drama you should check out. Save Me is not a drama for everyone with its dark, suspenseful, disgusting and sadistic set-up, this drama set the bar for OCN to become a favourite channel for youth searching for unique content. This was my first Seo Ye-Ji drama, and it is the reason I am her fan now. 

6.  Voice

Voice Kdrama

A gritty, anxious and slightly uncomfortable feeling is what I had to experience as I watched the events of this amazing masterpiece. Starting with the death of the family members of the main character, the drama explores the mystery of a sadistic murderer that the police were never able to catch. While it might seem similar to other mystery drama, the acting in this one is the best acting I have ever seen. Watch out for Lee Jin-Wook character in this one. 

7. Squad 38

Squad 38

This one tops the con artist Korean drama list. Seo-in Guk is known for his romantic comedy roles like Shopaholic Lois, but that is definitely not everything. Watch him in this masterpiece where he acts as a modern Robinhood gathering taxes through the weirdest and most illegal ways. He is definitely a different type of conman that any other type you saw before.  Ma Dung Suk quiet and anxious character is definitely an added charm to the group of rookies in this drama. It is also different from his usual bulky and serious characters in movies. 

8. Two Weeks

Two Weeks Kdrama

If you are interested in a compelling suspense drama, this is your best choice. The drama shows the tale of Jang Tae San a fugitive on the run for a crime he didn't commit. Tae San is the father of a young girl with leukaemia. He is her only chance to stay alive, therefore, he tries his best to stay alive for two weeks till he gets a chance to give his daughter his bone marrow. Watch this for unique action, a tearjerker story and unbelievable stunts.

9. Mother

Be it the original Japanese version or this Korean version, Mother is a real tragedy to whoever watches it. The story revolves around a teacher who discovers her student is being abused heavily at home. She moves away with her students despite the dangers she will face legally since she is not her legal guardian. A family story like no other indeed!

10. Circle

Circle Kdrama

Up for some Sci-Fi, check out Circle, a drama about two brothers travelling through time to discover secrets that changed the world. Cyborgs, aliens, electronic chips and multiple fascinating stuff are shown on this one. Yeo-jin Goo also did a fantastic job as a male lead. For a better look at the content of the drama and my opinion on the male lead, check out " Yeon Jin Goo Actor Scope".


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