7 Hidden K-drama Rules Writers Abide By

Hidden Korean drama Rules
From celestial beings to slime monsters, Kdramas have it all! Or maybe not? The Kdrama world is vast and endless; however, after years of watching dramas, I have come to the conclusion that writers and directors have hidden rules they abide by while working. Here is a list of what I think these rules look like. 

K-Drama Checklist

1. Male Leads Need to Be Handsome
Handsome Male Leads

I am not talking about a male lead who needs shaving to become handsome here. I am speaking about a genuine person who is not handsome but rather normal looking with an average height.

2. Second Lead Will Never Get the Girl

Second Lead Syndrome

While it did happen a couple of times.  It is usually a hidden rule that the second lead in most dramas will never get the girl. Unless the first lead dies, that is!!

3.  Sad Endings Are Not Allowed
Sad Endings in korean Drama

I am not talking about an ending where the leads die then get reincarnated. The endings I mean are really sad endings where the ill person dies, or fate intervenes, and no one is happy. Ever imagined a sad but sentimental ending to "Scent of a Woman" instead of the open-ended one. That's what I mean exactly!

4. Nerds Are Never Cool


Nerds are stereotypically seen as uncool. Even characters who were nerds during their pasts are always shown as weaklings who were only bullied and never succeeded at school. Maybe a look through the eyes of a nerd with real-life friends might change this view a bit. Writers need to broaden their perspectives here!

5. Product Placement is a Must

Product Placement in Korean Drama

It is a known thing now despite it being less visible than before, but product placements are still an important thing in Korean dramas. Scan a drama episode well with your eyes you are bound to find at least one product constantly advertised per episode.

6. Everyone Has a Sad Past

Sad Past in He is Psychometric

Either the female lead or the male lead have a sad past in a Korean drama. Be it abuse, bullying, death or a combination of all that, main characters are never explored through the current events only. Think the disaster happening to the male lead now is all there is? Think again!

7. Mothers-in-Law are Devils 

Mother In Law in Korean Drama

The one who slaps the heroine with Kimchi is always either the Mother-in-Law or the Sister-In-Law. It is rarely the other way around. Although mostly it is the guy who loves the girl more.😅

Kdrama Rules



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