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Kim Sun Ho or Kim Seon Ho is on the rise recently, and I can see why? I got introduced to him Through "Catch the Ghost". Honestly, I saw "Good Manager" on his portfolio, but I couldn't remember him at all. Probably, because his face was always covered with his hair and glasses, so I just felt that his voice was familiar. Anyway, I started watching "Catch the Ghost" originally because it was a genre I love. Also, I never saw Moon Geun-Young in a mystery before, so I wondered how well she could act in that. Turned out too well!

As always I moved from one drama to another, until finally, I have only one show left to watch for him. I even watched him on "2 Days 1 Night Season 4".  Keep on reading for a guide to all Kim Seon-ho's works.

Who is Kim Seon Ho?

Name: Kim Seon-ho (김선호)

Birthday: May 8, 1986
Instagram: @seonho__kim
V Live: Kim Seon Ho


Management: Salt Entertainment with artists like Kim Jiwon and Park Shin Hye

Why is Kim Seon Ho on the Rise Lately?

In 2020, Seon Ho starred in Start-Up opposite Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk, a drama about youth struggles, romantic aspirations and childhood dreams. The drama skyrocketed his career to stardom right after he was getting noticed for his role as a variety rookie on 2 Days 1 Night. He also played the lead role in 2 dramas in 2019, Catch the Ghost and Welcome to Waikiki 2. 

Kim Seon-Ho Dramas

1. Catch the Ghost

Catch The Ghost

The story revolves around a Yoo Ryeong (Moon Geun-Young) who joins the metro police department to search for her missing sister and catch the "Ghost", a serial killer who she thinks is the reason behind her sister's disappearance. Yoo Ryeong's passion for catching bad guys hinders the work of Go Ji-Seok (Kim Seon-Ho) who originally moved to metro police to avoid first-tier criminals and live in peace. Ji-Seok is a good cup who does just what is needed of him and nothing more; however, his new partner always goes the extra mile to catch the bad guys. Their bickering throughout the first couple of episodes because of this issue is very fun to watch. Also, as you watch, you learn that Ji-Seok had more potential than merely catching petty thieves, and he is more passionate than his outer appearance gives out.

 Kim Seon-Ho acted Ji-Seok exceptionally well; a passionate police officer who has more than he could handle on his plate. The romance line developed really slowly for this drama which is why it made even more sense to me. With a missing sister who could be dead, an unfortunate situation with a killer on the run, and a heavy responsibility on the male leads shoulder merely moving forward with a passionate romantic storyline made no sense whatsoever. The writer simply showed care and innocent love throughout the drama and nothing more. I simply loved that!

2. Welcome to Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki 2

If you watch " Catch the Ghost" then move on to this one, the difference will keep you in awe. Welcome to Waikiki 2 is a romantic comedy about a group of youngsters struggling to succeed in life. It is a stand-alone story that can be watched away from the first season. Unlike the first season of the series, the characters in this season are more relatable and more fun to watch.

 It is not that the over the top funny scenes are not there; it is just that the story and their struggles make more sense as you watch them. Seon-Ho plays a struggling singer who is way past his prime to debut. His character is the most logical in the group, but his temper is incomparable. He throws tantrums more than a lady in menopause, that's how bad he is! He is also lovely, naive and fun to tease somehow. His character has this 4-dimensional charm with all the good and bad traits combined. His portrayal outranked the other actors who did exceptionally well for their roles as well. 

3. Two Cops

Two Cops

This drama was one of the reasons I fell in love with Cho Jung Seok; it is also the reason I noticed Kim Seon-Ho had a real charm for playful characters. His con-artist character, Gong Soo-Chang, is way too fun to ignore. From the beginning, he is a conman that is a bit similar to Robinhood. He never steals from the elderly, women or children, very unique and different, in my opinion. The way he called Hyeri " Soong" reminded me of Joey from friends. No idea why?!

 While it was mostly Cho Jung Seok acting as the conman and the officer in many scenes, seeing him as a soul wandering around was fun to watch and emotional at times.

4. Strongest Deliveryman

Strongest Deliveryman

The only bad boy in this guy's filmography so far; he is a second-generation rich boy with a heart of gold that no one can see. He was never taught anything, and his father is literally trash enough to wish for his death. He attempts suicide, and after getting saved by the heroine in the story, his life changes, and he learns the meaning of being a responsible adult.

His characteristics as a bad guy only last a couple of episodes in this series, to show how lost he is and how messy his life is. He is more of a circumstantial villain, one of the poor souls who suffer because they were never taught right and never cared for. He is also the character with the most development in the series. His storyline to me was even more fun to watch than the main character with the typical plot and typical heart of gold.

5. You Drive Me Crazy

You Drive Me Crazy

Unlike the previous works, this is a drama special. It is a 4 episode compilation of a short story about two childhood friends (Han Eun-Sung and Kim Rae-Wan) who sleep together once and how they deal with the aftermath. Unlike a more extended series where you get to explore every single aspect of a character life, a drama special only explores the points it needs to address. This drama explores the background story of both leads, how they met, their current situation, their feelings and their conclusion. It is short, sweet, and relatable. 

6. 100 Days My Prince 

100 Days My Prince

As a drama starring an idol, I didn't expect much from this show. I honestly never saw D.O in anything before this drama, so I had no idea how to react if his acting was mediocre. Turned out, it isn't! 100 Days My Prince is a unique story about a crown prince who loses his memory and lives his life as a commoner. With slight twists and turns, this drama breaks away from the typical stereotype of political palace propaganda amidst very little content to satisfy a romantic relationship. 100 Days My Prince is a historical romantic comedy before it is a political manifesto drama. 

D.O and Nam Ji Hyun play an adorable couple, but Kim Sun Ho is irreplaceable in this drama. He didn't give me second lead syndrome in any of his previous dramas, but he did in this one for sure. He is an admirable educated genius in the palace trying to figure out what happened to the prince. He has a love line with the heroine, of course, but his admiration and respect towards the male lead are strong enough that he forgets about his own love and even helps the lead pursue his passion. Kim Seon Ho in this role is simply stunning.  

7. Netflix's Start-Up

Start Up Kim Seon Ho

Seon Ho plays Han Ji Pyung ( Han Ji Pyeong) in this drama, a guy who is too honest to a fault. He is wealthy, smart, arrogant and even harsh. The first look at his adult life gives us an impression that he might be one of the bad guys in the story, but the truth is he is a " Good Boy". Han Ji Pyung is not full of just bad traits, he is also ambitious, kind, caring and even pitiful sometimes. He never forgets what grandma does for him as a child and the people in his life are rarely introduced to his inside insecurities, because of that viewers are able to empathise with him. He is always a good-natured man who is brave enough to face himself whenever he is wrong. Basically, he sets the ultimate second lead syndrome trap and leaves you hanging and praying that he somehow ends with Dam Bi. Start-Up drama ended on 6 Dec, 2020.

Variety Shows

1. Two Days One Night Season 4 (2D1N)

2 Days 1 Night

Seon Ho is a newbie to the variety world, his only appearance before 2D1N was an episode of "Amazing Saturday" with Moon Geun Yong, and he seemed overwhelmingly nervous throughout the episode. When I first knew he was on 2D1N, I hesitated a bit since, usually, I wouldn't say I like variety shows with too many games. Once, I gave it a try though; I fell in love with the cast!. Although I can't guarantee that the show is 100 % true to the characters of the cast, I am enjoying how fun they make even the hardest missions look. Also, the whole cast seriously looks very relaxed with each other after a couple of episodes. I especially like DinDin and Seon-Ho bickering together; it shows how close you are if you bicker all the time. Overall, this show gained a new fan!

Awards and Nominations:     

Seon was nominated "Best New Actor" at KBS Drama Awards for his roles in Good Manager and the Strongest Deliveryman. He also won the "Best New Actor"  and " Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday Series" awards in the 36th MBC Drama Awards for his role in Two Cops.

Fun Facts About Rising Actor Kim Seon Ho: 

- His favourite food is Topokki or Rice cakes, he could eat them all day long. 
- He has been active in theatre since 2009 
- He likes rewatching youtube highlights for movies or dramas many times whenever he is stuck
- His nicknames are " Puppy" because of his dimples and Paper Doll because he is bad at dancing. 


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