BeetBits: Angel's Last Mission: Love

One of the gems that I found out about too late this year is Kim Myung Soo's drama " Angel's Last Mission: Love". This drama had me confused, sad, happy, and irritated at the same time. I noticed that I recently use the word "unique" a lot, so I searched for an alternative to describe this drama, and I found just the perfect word, unparalleled. This drama is unparalleled; you won't ever find something similar to it anywhere. I will try to bring you closer to how I view this masterpiece through a proper analysis of what makes this different. 

The Story and the Actors

Story-wise this drama has just the correct amount of drama, comedy and philosophy. The story revolves around a love story between a celestial being " An angel" and a ballerina. Myung Soo plays the role of the angel assigned to a ballerina who hates the world to bring some love to her world. He is portrayed as a mischievous angel in need of some discipline; thus, he gets assigned a difficult task as a discipline measure and as a way of earning points to satisfy his higher-ups. From the beginning, you get a pure childish feeling upon watching Kim Dan help poor animals and save the life of a cat that was hit by a car. You get to see that he has a wonderful soul, really unable to let evil win or let someone get harmed when he can help it. He helps Yeon Seo survive a deadly car accident, and thus he gets assigned to be her guardian angel of sorts.

The story begins as a simple romance between two different creatures who are not supposed to be together. Still, as the events develop, a rather profound philosophical aspect of the drama starts emerging. How far can a human and an angel go? Will they ever get accepted? How merciful can the gods be? These are few of the questions that the story tries to answer. Yeon Seo is a girl angry at life and unable to accept that there is mercy and the struggle she and Kim Dan go through to be together could either help her keep her beliefs that there is no mercy or change her mind completely. I would love to spoil how this drama ends; however, the ending is the answer to all the previous questions together. Honestly, what a perfect ending!

What I did Not Like

The second lead is the only weak link in this fabulous drama, and that's because his story remained heavily unexplored and he was not involved in any of the action except for a simple reason, to bring the main characters together. I honestly love Lee Dong-gun, so I was hoping I could see more of him in this drama. He did not even have that much dialogue during the first couple of episodes. He was more like Yeon Seo's stalker than anything else. I believe a slightly better exploration of his history with Yeon Seo's look-alike would have given more depth to this drama. I also pair his character with Nina, so I was very sad when they were never romantically involved until the very end.


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