Actor Scope: Yeo Jin Goo

Well, I have decided to strike while the iron is hot. Basically, I only started watching dramas for this guy a week ago, and I already completed a bunch of his work. It is the holiday season soon, and I had extra vacation days to contribute to my week of binging. I was surprised by the age of this young actor as well as his acting abilities. It is easy to see how much effort he put in all his works, especially the recent ones. He is such a capable actor that his age never shows. Let me start with a brief introduction to this guy. 

Basic Information 

1. Name: Yeo Jin Goo 
2. Age: 22 years old
3. Height: 1.77 m
4. Siblings: One brother 
5. SNS: TwitterFacebookInstagram

Jin Goo started as a child actor at the age of 8 starring in the Sad Movie, then went on to star in many productions as a child actor, including Antique, No Mercy for The Rude, Iljime, etc. He got the title of Nation's younger brother thanks to his role in Moon Embracing the Sun, the drama that contributed the most to his rising popularity nationally and internationally. Recently, Hotel Del Luna helped the actor gain new international fans due to its popularity and its availability on popular streaming networks like Netflix, Viki, Viu, etc. 

His Works

Since I only recently got introduced to this guy I can not discuss his overall filmography in this article; however, I will keep updating this article with every new drama I watch for him, just like the rest of the articles. 

1. Hotel Del Luna

Like many other international viewers, I got introduced to Jin Goo through this drama. He plays the role of Go Chan Sung, a hotel manager forced to work under IU in a ghost hotel. It is not called a ghost hotel because it is abandoned or anything like that, it is merely a real hotel that accepts only ghosts as residents. Go Chan Sung plays a guy who was sold to the hotel after his father accepted a deal with the hotel manager. Upon becoming an adult, Chan Sung meets Man Wool for the very first time and is forced to accommodate her every need and stay at the hotel as the manager. Jin Goo's acting as a scardey cat manager is seriously fun to watch throughout the first part of this series. He also moves on to become more and more humane as the series develops and he gets to deal with people who died unfairly, family issues between ghosts, and even animal ghosts. 

It is ironic how ghosts contribute to the good and the wrong sides inside humans in this drama. From my modest point of view, Symbolism is high in this drama. Chan Sung represents every logical, humane and thoughtful behaviour an average human would have in this drama while Man Wol represents the suppressed negative emotions that many people keep bottled inside, including rage, regret, sadness, fear and loneliness. The characters are never 2d in this show, they could even be considered 4d as you get to see them on the other side dealing with their choices, their limitations, their behaviours and the judgement they receive. Some real existential issues are even questioned in a couple of episodes while they were never answered in a definite matter, the show does keep your mind working. Luckily, the fantasy/ romantic genre did not give this drama a chance to delve into philosophy more than it needs to do. The writer's main focus was the character development and writing a convincing ending to a rather confusing couple. The final episodes especially highlighted Jin Goo's acting to the fullest, there was one scene where he cried his eyes out at the bus station. I cried my eyes out watching that scene as well, which is not easy to do to me as I literally always prevent myself from crying even when I want to in real life. Basically, I usually control my emotions better than that Jin Goo!

2. Orange Marmalade

My second drama for this handsome and unique actor, also another fantasy genre. I have discovered that he tends to act mostly in historical dramas or fantasy dramas for some reason. While checking the filmography of Jin Goo, I noticed that Orange Marmalade was his 3rd fantasy/supernatural drama within 2 years. The story is based on a famous Manhwa where vampires are living amongst humans; however, they represent the suppressed minority in society. Their movement is controlled, their behaviours are monitored, and a really unfair set of laws are usually applied to them. The acting in this one was not bad. However, I did not enjoy Seolhyun acting as much as the rest, I felt that she was a bit stiff in many scenes where she could actually show more emotions than that. Yeo Jin Goo, on the other hand, gave a stunning performance as a regular student struggling to accept vampires in their society and worse yet, struggling to accept that he is in love with a vampire. This drama also had a social message that you could easily see and understand while watching. Minorities are not weak, and they do not deserve to be bullied. Unfortunately, minorities in many countries still suffer from unfair treatment to this day. 

3. Absolute Boyfriend

I felt a bit nostalgic when I decided to watch this drama. Zettai Kareshi, the original manga that this drama was taken from was the first manga I ever decided to read. It was also the first manga I dropped. I started this actually expecting a really cheesy feeling to appear somewhere, and I knew I would want to stop halfway or something. Weirdly enough, that never happened. The background story they put for the robot was kinda interesting, which is why I did not stop from the first episode, the acting was the second best point in the drama afterwards. The cast acted so well, it was amazing how captivating something I dropped turned to be in real life. I seriously thought Jin Goo was a robot. How did he act that way, it was hard to see emotions behind his cheesy words, and he was literally just spouting nonsense about love all over the place, but instead of feeling crept out I laughed out loud. He was seriously a robot. I want to know how he survived acting that way in front of all the staff and cast. I would have literally cried from embarrassment. 

4. Circle 

Another supernatural Sci-Fi drama, either directors only see this guy in roles like that, or he is totally in love with this type of dramas. Anway, Circle was very popular while it was airing because of its unique setting and unique direction. The story takes place in two separate timelines. One while the leads were young and the other when they are over 30 with jobs. When I first heard that the drama had two timelines, the first word that came to my mind was " Time Travelling". However, if you are like me, remove your stereotypes away while watching this one as there is nothing ordinary in this story. The story discusses a future where human emotions are controlled through a calming care system and a microchip inserted inside the body. If you've ever watched the anime " Psycho-Pass" the concept is very similar to this one; however, the characters, the story, the development and everything are totally unique and different. This drama discusses two periods before the invention of the calming care system and after its invention. You see how the system started developing, what illegal methods were used to collect data for such a complicated system and the victims who fell down thanks to that system. 


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