Reading Bee: Recommended Skip Beat Fanfictions

Recommended Skip Beat Fanfictions

Skip Beat fandom is one of the fandoms that introduced me to fanfictions. The manga was so slow that I always needed an extra dose of events with these characters; I found what I wanted in fanfiction. Few of my favourite fanfictions were unfortunately abandoned so I won't add them here. 

Ps: There is no lemon in this list, they are all T-rated maximum, so anyone can probably read the following fanfictions. 

1. Of Age

Author: EmilyF.6
Timeline: This was published before the manga had any details on Mogami Saena. Moreover, Ren's past was still a mystery. 
Story: Kyoko receives a call that changes her life. Her mother is looking for her. She is not interested in staying with her mom at all. She leaves Japan and goes to the one person she once called dad, Kuu. 
Opinion: This story gave me a warm feeling thanks to the perfect characterization for both Kuu and Julie. They appear as tender as anyone would want a father and a mother to be. This story has the best ending as well. 
Warnings: Nothing. 

2. Terrible Things

Author: Glimare
Timeline: AU/ Kyoko and Ren are married in this one. 
Story: Ren finally manages to get Kyoko, but something unthinkable happens to him. Will he be able to survive?
Opinion: This is a short story, but it does deliver the emotions needed, and even the conclusion is perfect. I cried my eyes out while reading this one. 
Warnings: This is a tragedy, so don't read if you don't wish to cry. 

3. The Philos Challenge

Author: waiting4morning
Timeline: It can be added anywhere before Kyoko had feelings for Ren.
Story: Ren is given a mission that is harder than he thought. He has to prove he has a lot of guy friends or else ... he will have to wear the famous pink overalls. This has a bit of Ren x Yashiro friendship. 
Opinion: Certain parts of Ren's character seem to be a mystery to us. He seems rather unsocial, and unlike Kyoko, he always has just Yashiro with him, so seeing him with others in this story is such a fresh idea.
Warnings: Nothing at all. 

4. Your Kyoko Chan

Author: C.Queen 
Timeline: Again way before we got a chance to see Ren's past.
Story: A cunning interviewer causes the very first scandal for Tsuruga Ren. Is it Yashiro's fault?
Opinion: This has just the right amount of funny interactions with the right amount of romance. Yashiro has to deal with the backlash of what he himself caused and Ren has Kyoko to protect.
Warnings: Nothing 

5. Immune

Author: Bobapearl 
Timeline: Before we got to know Ren's past. 
Story: Ren has Chickenpox and Kyoko nurses him. How will things develop? Will the media find out?.
Opinion: I am not sure what caused the author to write this, but it is hilarious. Imagine the big Tsuruga Ren scratching his body like a baby because of Chickenpox. It is just too much fun to read. 
Warnings: Nothing.

6. Starlit Nights

Author: Sariah Loire
Timeline: AU way before the beginning of the manga. 
Story: Long before Ren was born Kuu was a young star in the US and Julie was the most beautiful model in the world. Their fates overlap, and their story begins to unfold. An origin story for Kuu and Julie. 
Opinion: A much-needed introduction to characters that we fell in love with reading the manga. We never even saw Julie for more than two pages, and we all like her for no reason. Kuu and Julie need a backstory, and that is what this story is all about. 
Warnings: Nothing 


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