Inspiring Teachers in Korean Dramas

So apparently google decided to tell me that it is teacher's day soon, probably because I search for a lot of teaching materials recently. Anyway, when I found out that there is something called a World Teacher Day this month, I decided to pick up an exciting subject. Top teachers in Korean dramas or Inspiring Teachers in Korean Dramas. I have watched a lot of high school dramas throughout the years, and I am sure many of you have watched a lot as well. Below is my list of the best actors who acted as teachers and their dramas:

1. Choi Daniel and Jung Nara in School 2013 

Who does not remember how much Nara struggled with all the crazy dudes in her class. How much she cared and how much she tried to solve the students' issues, and tried her best to make a student like Oh Jung-Ho graduate from school. Plus, she made sure to search for the reasons behind the hostility between Heung-Soo and Nam soon.

Choi Daniel is no different, he is my favourite amongst the cast of School 2013. He appears uncaring, and a bit ignorant to students needs but the truth is he cares more than anyone. He was ready to solve Oh Jung-Ho's financial problem to make sure he graduates. He was worried sick when his student did not respond to his phone calls. He imagined the worst when the secret of one of his students was discovered by her classmates.

This drama still ranks amongst the top dramas to watch on Viki. It is full of more than just the teachers, it is a drama about friendship, family struggles, and even power abuse. You can read School 2013 Synopsis and recommendations on My Drama List.

2. Cheon Ho-Jin in My Strange Hero (2018)

I love any drama with senior Ho-Jin. He tops the cast of My strange Hero for me; He is the real hero. His role as Teacher Park in this show was unique, deep, emotional and impressive. He is a teacher with real principles, he never wishes to compromise, and he always blames himself for the deads of his students. Bad decisions are not just the student's fault; they are also the teacher's fault. He is the only person to stay by the side of the protagonist and believe him without a doubt when everybody else thought otherwise. He is also the only one to protect his student to the end. He gave up his job just for one student such a perfect guy should not exist. He is simply the best teacher ever.

Watch My Strange Hero on Viki, and check out more about the series and the dramas starring Yoo-Seung Ho here.

3. Ji Hyun Woo in Angry Mom (2015)

This teacher might not be the ideal human being like the previous ones, but he sure has such a big heart that you can't help but fall in love with him. He is pure and steady in his opinions despite being weak. He also really loves his students even ready to get stabbed for them. He is always prepared for a fight with the administration for his students. However, he also can not think far beyond what his eyes can see. He is a bit too naive for everyday life, and his purity can sometimes reach the level of stupidity. Still, this guy is one of the people I think I want to imitate. If I could become that good, I believe I would never feel guilty for anything.

Watch Angry Mom on Netflix. You can also read the synopsis of Angry Mom on My Drama List before watching.

4. Uhm Ki Joon in Dream High (2011)

Dream High is not just a Korean drama about studying. It is a drama about the life of idols and the development of the human mind within the fierce competition. Ki Joon plays the best teacher to guide the students in this drama, he is lost himself, and he has a lot to learn, but he also cares so much for what's correct and what's not. There is no such thing as a talentless student in this guy's dictionary. There is someone who is trained and someone who still needs extra training. He also knows that everyone has his or her own pace and so he believes his role is to encourage and push the students forward one step at a time.

This drama has a second season with a totally different cast going through similar experiences. You can check information about Dream High on AsianWiki. Dream High 2 synopsis is also available on AsianWiki. 


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