Reading Bee: 4 Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfictions You Should Read


Yu-Gi-Oh is a part of my childhood that I always revisit. Even though there are still a lot of seasons on-going till now, it is just not like the original. Since I am a fan of the original series, just rewatching is not enough, and it's not like the sky will rain new episodes or new movies. To get over my nostalgia, I usually check some of the popular fanfiction websites for a story or two that I can read. Although I read tons of stories, the following four recommended Yu-Gi-Oh stories are the top of the top, and If you are a fan, you must read them.

1- Safeguard By X-Parrot

If you have read my previous fanfiction recommendations for One Piece, you probably remember this author. He does a fantastic job writing One Piece, and now after reading his Yu-Gi-Oh fanfictions as well, he sure has a knack for writing. This story appears as a tragedy from its summary, however, read it if you wish to see the best adventure story ever. 

Age Rating: 15 +
Warnings: Some Language. 

2- Under the Skin By GoldenRoya

My very first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic and the reason I realised that the Yu-Gi-Oh writer community has a lot of good stuff to read. This story simply takes a roundabout trip from another story exploring a side character like Tristan and the relationship between him and Kaiba and Joey. 

Age Rating: 16+
Warnings: Accident scene, a couple of fight scenes and ordinary swearing words. 

3- Amethyst Silver Dragon By Batman Reborn 

This fanfic is probably the best in describing the character of Joey and Kaiba. I love that the author made them get closer without actually wanting to. There is just more to the fic than a simple adventure, so that's one of the significant points in this one. Also, Mokouba being super cute a big plus for fans. 

Age Rating: 16+
Warnings: A shooting scene and a couple of fights + Kaiba making fun of Joey as always. 

4- Dik By Fika1603

If you are interested in a fic that really explores the Kaiba x Mokouba relationship, this is the one for you. This fic has more than just a scene or two; it is really a full-on exploration of the life of the tough Kaiba and his brother. 

Age Rating: 16+
Warnings: Accident scene and sadness. 

What do you think of these suggestions? Do you have more recommendations? If you know more stories, add a comment. I will read them and get back to you with what I think or better yet add everything you mention to a new list. 


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