BeetBits Review: Jealousy Incarnate


This drama holds the key to what you could say the ultimate recipe for comedy, romance and work-life shows. The story starts with a weather announcer searching for a way to become a real-time news announcer. She has a dream, and she is striving hard to reach it to a rather pitiful point. You know these interns that we all petty in K-dramas, she is a lot like them, doing the odd jobs and all. The main lead is also an oddball in his own way. He is charismatic and obviously good at his job, but from the first episode, we get that he was thrown away to another country as a reporter for some reason. We then get to see him encountering a rare disease and fighting with it in his own humorous way. 

The Actors

Jo Jung Suk 

He is the leading man of this drama, and he sure did a perfect job acting like an arrogant reporter. His character starts off as the epitome of these bad boys we see in all dramas, but then we discover that he is, in fact, a perfect guy in more than one way. His acting is top-tier, of course, and there is just enough drama in his reactions to keep you entertained. 

Gong Hyo Jin 

This leading lady is the famous lady from " Master of the Sun", she is as perfect as ever in this drama. She is funny, slightly pitiful and still active in her own way. She is the main pillar of the story, and she plays a massive part in helping us drama followers understand the difference between the various jobs in a broadcasting station. There is a hierarchy in every type of work, and this drama explores the different authority levels between newscasters, announcers, reporters, etc. 

Overall Rating 

To rate this drama, I have to take into account that it does discuss a lot of serious stuff in a light manner which is not an easy thing to do at all. The themes inside could take this drama all the way to become a tragedy if the director and the writer wish for it to turn this way. However, fortunately, they managed to keep the balance, and the end result is spectacular. Jealousy Incarnate gets an overall rating of 9/10 because of how unique it is, and it could be higher if I didn't strictly believe that nothing is perfect.


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