8 Legal Youtube Channels to Watch Asian Dramas

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of legal streaming. I would rather not get tons of adds or inappropriate content on my PC just because I opted for the free alternatives. However, it is also true that nobody is rich enough to have a subscription everywhere to watch what they love, so that's kind of where you feel stuck in the middle. As long as I have the money, I tend to pay for what I watch. However, let's say I am broke one month or 10. I can't just stop watching Asian drama for that long, What to do? I have my list of free Asian drama channels to watch in such cases, and most of them get regularly updated.

Best Youtube Channels to Watch Asian Dramas

1. KBS World 

This is probably the most popular channel between drama fans with all the Korean family dramas you might want to check out. Also, there is a variety of classic dramas and mini-series as well. I watch the Korean variety show Hello Counselor regularly here. I also watched famous dramas like What Happened to my Family, Healer, Who are You and My Golden Life on here.

2. SBS World

For some reason, this one is not as popular as KBS, although it does more than just uploading the hour-long episodes. The moderators also upload episodes on 3 or 4 parts for people with slow internet connections. Here you can easily find famous romantic Korean dramas like secret Garden. Also, Doctor John, Pinnochio and I Can Hear Your Voice are few of the other available choices. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have variety shows.

3. MBC classic

Though MBC shows are never translated on their official channel, the classic productions can be found here, and a bunch of them are fully subbed. This is one of my favourite Korean dramas Youtube channels. General Hospital 2 is one of the dramas I recommend here, and there are others like Princess Hours and Coffee Prince. Although coffee prince is only subbed in Spanish and Romanian. It is an option if you know Spanish, though.

4. VIKI Global

Although they stopped uploading full dramas a while ago, Viki uploaded multiple dramas on Youtube six years ago, and they are still available on youtube. Whenever I wish to watch an old show, I check there as well. Playfull kiss is there, and other dramas like Birdie Buddy, Tamra and Full House Take 2 are also available. The first one or two episodes of recent shows also get uploaded on Viki Global, so you might check out the first episode of something you like there, and move on to the website to watch the rest. 

5. Yo-Yo TV - Chinese Drama

Now that we are done with the Korean dramas, it is time to move on to the Chinese drama channels on Youtube. I started watching Chinese and Taiwanese shows recently, so I only know a couple of channels. However, I believe they are enough to satisfy me for a while. Anyway, Yo-Yo TV has a lot of good content. I have watched Art in Love here, and there are various other shows as well.

6. Croton MEGAHIT

 Chinese dramas again, I am not sure if this channel has a lot of subbed content as I just found it yesterday, but I am currently watching Love O2O, and it seems to be fully subbed. Croton Media|FRESH is another one that appears to belong to the same company with some subbed content as well. 

7. HLBN Entertainment

It seems like many Chinese dramas are available on youtube. This channel was recommended to me, so I hope it is legal. My friend sent it to me to watch Kings Woman, which is still on my to-watch list so I can't say much about it. Anyway, there are other subbed dramas on this one as well, so it is worth checking out.


This is the final one, and it doesn't have subs, so I am not sure if it will benefit anyone. This is the channel of a Japanese video production company with a mini-series that I like so far. I am not sure if they plan to upload more stuff, but I am waiting for the rest of the series. Unfortunately, unless you know some Japanese like me, you won't be able to watch here. 

Finally, these are the Asian drama channels I hunt when I want to watch something. I am not sure if there are more, but most likely, I missed a bunch. If you know any other channel, please comment below with the names. As long as they are legal channels, I will add them to my list. I have tried to search for more Japanese legal channels, but I can't seem to find any.


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