BeetBits: I Can Hear Your Voice

"I Can Hear Your Voice" starring Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young is a suspense romantic drama with a unique plot. It is the real start for actor Lee Jong Suk as we know him now. The show has quite a different feel from ordinary romantic dramas, and although the actors have a bit of an age difference, they are really compatible.

Actors and Characters:

Lee Bo-young acts as Lawyer Jang Hye-sung, the lawyer who doesn't care. She is a character that is hard to forget. Her character is courageous but at the same time, a scaredy-cat. At first, she appears careless, however, throughout the drama, she changes drastically. Lee Jong-suk, on the other handacts Park Soo Ha, a youngster with a sad past. His character is a very complicated character, to say the least, and he does a fantastic job acting as a character with a special power. Jung Woong-in, who acts as Min Joon-gook, is another great actor in this drama. Wanna know what it is like to have a real villain steal the scene, watch this guy act. He really brings things to life. 

Story and Writing:

The plot of this drama can be considered both original and unoriginal. If you are a fan of anime and manga, you'd know that the idea of reading minds was discussed in more than one anime. However, was it ever addressed in a Korean drama? As far as I know, it wasn't. The writer, however, did not try to copy and paste from any anime, so besides the original concept, there is nothing unoriginal about this drama. 

The setting is new, and the characters are original, and so is the villain and his background. Everything is charming in its own way, however, if I have to pick on something for this drama, I have to pick on one mistake by the writer. The writer confused me in some parts as the main guy is only supposed to know the thoughts of people upon looking into their eyes. However, he was able to hear the criminal thinking even through a crowd of people. There is another plot hole in the end, but I would rather not spoil the drama just because of a simple scene. 

Overall Rating 

This drama is definitely worth watching, the actors are excellent, and the writing is terrific as well. It is a 9/10 drama in my own opinion, and to some people, it might even rank higher. You can watch this drama on Netflix, Viki and Viu.


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