BeetBits Review: He is Psychometric

This week we will discuss one of the most popular dramas in 2019. "He is Psychometric" starring Park Jin Young (Got7), Shin Ye Eun, Kim Da Som and Kwon Kim is an unusual drama. It aired from March till the end of April. The show created a buzz in terms of both acting and directing, and Park Min Young earned rave reviews thanks to his acting here.

Story and Writing

He is Psychometric is a mystery, thriller, sci-fi romantic drama. It is a refreshing drama that discusses the reason behind an arson case in an apartment building. The main heroes are both survivors of the fire, and the female cast is also fully connected to the case somehow. The themes discussed in the drama are all unusual, way beyond simple mystery, there is tragedy, psychology, corruption and ignorance. The writer of the drama did a fantastic job exploring the characters and explaining their backgrounds in details. She made sure to stay away from any stereotypes and even the ending, which I will not spoil, is not typical at all.

Actors and Characters

The actors did a fantastic job in this drama, top-notch acting all the way. Park Jin Young surely made a perfect young delinquent, police-helper, psychometric detective, etc. His character is slightly twisted thanks to his sad background, but he is also quite normal. His love story is the best thing in this whole drama. Shin Ye Eun also acted the part of the strong heroine with a sad past well. She is courageous, determined and strong. She has all the characteristics we all love to see in an independent woman, and her development is exciting in many ways. Finally, Kim Kwon acting as the prosecutor big brother is the cherry on top in this drama. His character is the most mysterious, you will never understand it till the end of the drama. He is charming, and he has a good side, but he is also so silent most of the time that it is weird. Kim Kwon appears emotionless most of the time, and for an actor to make you interested in a character that is basically blank, that's just amazing. His past is relieved in the end, and you get to see him with more emotions, but, trust me, nothing about this character is ordinary. I mean it!

Overall Rating

There is no reason not to give this drama a 10/10 rating. It excels in everything be it writing, direction or acting, you get a full package in this one.


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