Actor Scope: Namgoong Min

A veteran actor in the Korean industry. He started acting more than 20 years ago and went through all the proper stages to mature and become the kind of actor he is now. If you are unfamiliar with this guy, you gotta check out some of his recent roles. He is a master of complicated characters, and he literally becomes the character. His top roles, in my opinion, are some of his recent roles, however, with some more research, you might probably find some gems in his old roles as well.

Remember (2015)

This drama is an iconic drama in the history of this actor. He plays a petty antagonist with some real psychological issues. The show discusses power abuse, corruption, struggle, love and sadness. It is a unique drama starring Yoo Seung-Ho, the actor we spoke about in our previous article. Namgoong Min acts as a murderer in this drama, and he is literally " Trash" if we quote what the actor himself said about the character. This trashy character is well-acted to the point that even at the end, you never feel bad seeing the consequences of his actions. You just don't pity him at all.

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Chief Kim (2017)

Totally the opposite of the previous one, " Cheif Kim" or " Good Manager" is one of the most hilarious dramas you might want to check out. The show discusses themes like work-life, corruption, and heroism. Kim is a worthless guy, always after money. He is slightly twisted, but his luck turns him somehow into a hero. He is also a good guy, somehow. The main antagonist of the drama is also quite unique, a villain with an eating disorder, just kidding, he is more of a stress eating villain. He is a former prosecutor who decided to defect to the evil side. Lee Junho from 2PM probably enjoyed eating quite a bit in this drama.

Distorted (2018)

Moving from one extreme to another seems to be the speciality of this guy, unlike "Chief Kim" this drama is the epitome of sadness, anger and confusion. Corruption does not have a limit in this one, and a simple investigation ends up bringing a lot of events to light. Namgoong Min plays the role of a reporter searching for the truth behind his brother's death in this drama. He is daring, straightforward and courageous.

The Undateables (2018)

This is probably the only typical role in the recent filmography of this guy. He plays the character of a love guru of sorts. It is not his full-time job, but most of the action takes place thanks to it. He also owns a toy museum, and he is not exactly a big believer in love. Anyway, this drama is a bit stereotypical, so it is unlike Namgoong Min other roles. It is very relaxing, and you get to enjoy quite a bit of fluff and romance. You can watch this one easily after one of the heavy dramas, like Remember and Doctor Prisoner.

Doctor Prisoner (2019) 

This recent drama is the symbol of revenge dramas this year. Looking for a unique revenge drama, this is the one for you. This is the type of show that will really question your principles. The main guy is a doctor who ended in prison for an unfair reason. He finds ways to mimic the symptoms of certain illnesses in prison, get inmates out of jail and ask them for favours later. He is a shady character somehow, but he is also pitiful if you get to learn his backstory. He is almost as bad as the antagonist, but you still somehow root for him.

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