These Actors Deserve More: Best Supporting Korean Actors

Best Supporting Korean Actors

Ever fell in love with a second lead and then discovered that he does not have a lot in his resume. Ever felt that you really wanted the main role for someone and waited to see it happen. We all had moments were we suffered from the second lead syndrome. We just hoped so bad to have the heroine end with that guy somehow cuz, come on, he deserves it. Below you will find our list of the supporting actors I think deserve more love:

Yoon Park is definitely a handsome and talented guy, however, he definitely does not get enough roles for someone that talented. His role in "What Happened To My Family?" was definitely such a heart-wrenching role. Although, I would rather not spoil the story, however, one specific scene in the hospital where he works just broke my heart. He also played stunning roles in dramas like " Come Back Ahjushi" and "Introverted Boss"

2- Dong Ha

Remember that spoiled brat in " Chief Kim"? ... maybe not? ... How about the serial killer in " Suspicious Partner"? That crazy messed up guy, remember him? Yeah, you guessed it both are the same guy, Dong Ha has such a talent in playing his role. His role as a Korean psychopath still gives me the chills till now, and that's just the beginning for him. Recently, he was in "Judge Vs Judge" although still not entirely the main lead, his role was sure a lot bigger than "Suspicious Partner". I personally hope to see him as the guy who gets the girl once.

Given how popular " My Golden Life" was I am pretty sure everyone knows this guy by now. His role in " What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?" also left quite an impact on many people. However, he still needs one leading role to catch up to his peers. Other 5urprise members like Seo Kang Jun are already the main leads with a large fanbase. I hope to see him like that soon. 

4- Kwak Dong Yeon

This young guy is sure an adorable new actor on the way to something more. He first grabbed my attention in his role in " Moonlight Drawn By Clouds" with Park Bo Gum and his role in the recent drama " My Strange Hero" was the cherry on top for me. He plays quite an emotionally unstable guy with a lot of mother issues. He has a conscious but his mother destroyed him mentally. He is a pitiful broken soul who was abused a lot. 

5- Lee  Tae Sung

Another one from " My Golden Life", this slightly older actor is sure more experienced than any of the actors on this list. However, he still has to yet lead a drama. The older brother in KBS drama " My Golden Life "also plays a gentleman in " Miss Hammurabi" and other roles in " My Mom", " Pots of Gold" and " Rooftop Prince".

These are our favourite supporting actors so far? Do you wish to add more? Who are your favourite supporting actors?


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