Reading Bee: One Piece Recommended Fanfics

As an avid reader of books, fanfiction, fiction, etc. I have decided to dedicate a special section on this blog to reading. The Reading Bee will consist of book reviews, fanfiction reviews, online article reviews, etc. Every two-four weeks, I will write a recommendation article or a review of a book of some kind. This will probably be the only section with non-Asian related articles from now on.

One Piece Stories

Today I will write about my favourite One Piece Fanfictions. One Piece is a legendary anime to many people, and it presents quite a good meal to fanfiction writers. Fans love a good fanfiction, and I personally strive to find the best of the best. If you are like me, check out the following list :

If you are looking for a dramatic fic, there is nothing more tragic than this one. The story takes place right after the 3 years time skip. However, the place Zoro ends up in is slightly different from Mihawk's castle. Anyway, this fic focuses mostly on Zoro and Sanji. It is Nakamaship so don't expect Yaoi or Yuri here.

Age Rating: 16 + 
Warnings: This has a couple of torture scenes. If you tend to feel disturbed by stuff like that, it is better to stay away from this one.

This author simply does a splendid job when it comes to One Piece fanfictions. Seven Deaths is quite frankly a story about what would happen to Sanji if he took his chivalry too far. The base of the story is very simple. However, the author managed to take it into a rather unexpected direction. If you are into Zoro and Sanji Nakamaship and interested in slightly older fanfic, this fanfic is for you.

Age Rating: 16+ 
Warnings: Again torture, however, this one does not have anything bloody as most of the torture is mental. If you are the type to feel disturbed by this, don't read, please.

This one is hella funny. If you are into humour and day to day Straw-hats antics, this one is for you. The crew decides to work on the way to make Zoro and Sanji get along better and well ... It sure is not easy. 

Age Rating: 13+ 
Warnings: Swearing maybe. But come on it is One Piece and this one is simply soo funny and so cute.

This exceptionally long one-shot has the best mystery element you can find in a One Piece story. The writer really grasped all the characters well in this one, and the ending of the story could not have happened any other way, in my opinion. Honestly, I simply see this one inside the manga somehow, because it deserves that.

Age Rating: 16 Maybe ...
Warnings: Swearing and maybe one single semi-suicidal scene that was not even described in details or anything. 

This story has quite a cliche idea that was probably used hundreds of times in the fanfiction world, however, what makes this one different to me, is that it is complete. None of the other stories with the same theme is complete. Also, this one does not just focus on rewriting the old memories, the Straw Hats do grow quite a bit in this one. 

Age Rating: 16
Warning: Nothing much except maybe more precise descriptions for the bad memories of the Straw Hats. 

What do you think of these stories? Do you have any other fanfiction you'd like to suggest?


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