BeetBits: Well-Intended Love Review

I can't believe I will start this series of articles with a Chinese drama of all things. Being an avid fan of both Korean and Japanese dramas, I thought I would definitely focus more on Korean dramas in this weekly precise mini-series of reviews. However, after thinking about it, I have decided to make this as international as possible. BeetBits will be released every Sunday from now on and it will be a small review of a single series each week. This week our focus will be on "Well-Intended Love"

Actors and Characters 

When I started " Well-intended Love" I was just bored and picked something randomly, but it did manage to capture my interest. The main actor Xu Kaicheng is quite handsome with strong charisma. I am not familiar with the language so I thought I would find the drama weird and actually drop it, but embarrassingly enough I did not. (cuz the main actor was handsome >-<) Anyway, the lead role has a charm, and there is the depth that you find in his background later on. His role is probably the one that gets the most development. The second male lead is also quite a catch here. Looking for the second lead syndrome, this one has the most intense one you could wish for. Ian Yi acts as the best example of a charming and yet sad guy. He is the best friend of the male lead which make his love a touchy subject, but he also develops a unique relationship with the heroine. Simona Wang did an excellent job acting her part, however, if I have to judge her character, I would say it is a typical character with a bubbly and kind heroine. Her acting did manage to make me tear up a bit in a couple of scenes, but that's it.

Writing and Directing

As for the writing, I have to say it was just as I expected in many parts. The writing was full of cliches. It was typical, and the story started exciting and then went downhill, but it did manage to keep me a bit interested till the last 4 episodes or so. The direction was decent most of the time as well although I noticed a couple of mistakes here and there, it was great to see.

Overall Rating

Taking into consideration everything, I think I would give this drama a 6/10, and that's because of the writing mostly. By the way, the evil guy was probably the most cliched character ever, so that's the main reason it got irritating towards the end. 

Interesting Fact

This Drama will get a second season because of how popular it was online. Personally, I intend to check it out, but the writing needs to add something more to the story; otherwise, I will drop it quickly.

Update: Surprisingly, I actually watched Well-Intended Love 2 and reviewed it. You can read the review here.


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