BeetBits: Best Lover Review

This week's BeetBits Review will focus on yet another Chinese drama. "Best Lover" is a Korean-Chinese collaboration drama. It stars the famous "My Girl" actress Lee Da Hae and the new "Super Junior" singer Zhou Mi

Dubbing Issue

The reason I chose to review this drama this week especially is because this drama is the first one ever to make me encourage dubbing. For those of you who don't know, this drama is available on Netflix. However, I don't encourage watching this one on Netflix at all. The version available everywhere is totally different from the Netflix version. Somehow Netflix bought the version before the dub was added or removed the dubbed voices. Whatever the case is, the version on Netflix shows a full Korean drama with one Chinese guy always speaking Mandarian, and somehow the people understand him. It makes no sense, and it is irritating to any viewer who understands that these are in fact, two different languages. The version that was aired everywhere though is fully-dubbed in Chinese and so it is comprehensible, and it makes sense to the viewer.

Story and Writing

The story of this drama starts with a country guy trying to be a star and meeting his least favourite type of woman in the acting world and then ... They both get into a contract marriage?? A very typical story and a somewhat repetitive one but it is suitable for light entertainment if you are not in the mood for anything series. The writing is typical, and you can easily predict what will happen next, and the direction is, of course, typical since there is nothing to explore new styles in. 

Actors and Characters

The main actors' Zhou Mi and Lee Dae Hee did a good job acting their roles despite the script. Zhou Mi being a newbie did an excellent job acting in the drama. He was not always believable, but he did an excellent job anyway. Lee Dae Hee, of course, acted well as the arrogant actress and then as the good actress and the one in love. Both main leads completed the hilarious moments well.

Overall Rating 

The drama kept me laughing for a bit and the fact that I watched until the end shows that I did enjoy even the cliche writing style. There was nothing too wrong, however, nothing too bright, but many people could consider this a charm. Personally, I would give this one a 5/10 in terms of originality but a 6.5/10 in terms of entertainment and acting. 


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