Actor Scope: Yoo Seung-ho

This young, handsome, cool actor actually started his career as a child actor. He is one of the few child actors who managed to survive the harshness of the industry and build a stunning resume of movies, dramas, MVs, and so on. He started as a model then moved on to acting in films and MVs. As someone who only just recently discovered this guy. I have decided to make him the subject of this very first actor scope article. This series will now become a stable series with an actor each month to focus on. It is similar to the stalker guides you find online, but since the word " Stalker" has a bit of a negative connotation of sorts, I have decided to name my series "Actor Scope". Also, I will only mention the top of the top for each actor so I won't mention every single drama or movie they worked on.


Yoo Seung-ho is a 25 years old actor born in 1993 (the same year as me). He started his career very early on. In 2002, He was in the movie " The Way Home" and later on continued to play in movies like :
  • Don't Tell Papa (2004)
  • Hearty Paws (2006)
  • City of Fathers (2009)
  • 4th Period Murder Mystery (2009)   

The Way Home (2002)

The Way Home Korean Movie

If there is a movie that I consider the top in all Yoo Seung-ho movies, it is frankly his first one which shows just how much talent he has. The Way Home is a story about a cheeky kid who was forced to leave Seoul to live with his grandmother. He is a rebellious little brat, and he does stuff that might make you as a viewer get angry and kinda cuss sometimes. However, he is also a good kid, and he does regret his actions. This combination of good and evil is just totally unexpected in a movie that is dependent on a child. The brat is really astonishing in some scenes, and it is hard to ignore that his acting is good. Having gone through a rebellious stage myself, I found myself comparing some of his behaviours to what I did during that stage or what my family did. Anyway, this movie was definitely a treasure to me, and it is worth a 10/10 rating.


As someone who is not that much into High school dramas anymore, I probably will skip some of the stuff I didn't watch cuz I was not into the theme.
  • God of Study (2010)
I will also skip some of the dramas I couldn't find translated like:
  • Precious Family  ( 2004 )
Now for the top dramas for this stunning actor

1. Missing You (2012-2013) Aka. I Miss You

I Miss You K-Drama

This drama is the reason many people started following this charming guy. Although he was obviously talented since he was young, this guy was not that famous internationally before this drama. I remember seeing his name a couple of times before, but I never really tried to know more about him. Actually, even during 2013, I did not check this drama at all. I only watched missing you recently, and I can honestly say it is such a transition for a child actor. This is probably the best adult role to chose if you are looking for a way to get out of the cute child bubble and venture more into acting. Yoo Seung-Ho plays a depressed guy who was abandoned by his mother, he is a bit twisted, and it means he is not the perfect charming guy you would look for in a typical drama. His character is harsh and really unlovable sometimes, and that is actually one of the reasons you fall in love with him here. For this drama, my overall rating would be 8/10, and that's just cuz of a couple of script points that I did not like. 

2. I Am Not A Robot (2017)

I am Not A Robot K-Drama

If there is a drama that created a real wave for Yoo Seung-ho recently, it is definitely " I Am Not A Robot ". It is a unique drama with elements of science fiction, realism, comedy and even drama. If you are looking for a unique script, this is the drama for you. If you are looking for unusual characters, this is also the drama for you. If you are looking for diverse acting, this is also the best choice for you. Yoo Seung-ho is a charming manager with a rare disease in this drama. Sounds Cliche? Not when you find out that his sickness is human allergy and he actually gets to live with a robot in the drama. Now, this is not all, the robot is not a robot. Ahhh! Confusing right. Anyway just watch this one, and you can give me any feedback you might have later, but I guarantee you will like it. My overall rating for this one would be 9/10 cuz it was simply amazing.

3. My Strange Hero (2018)

My Strange Hero K-Drama

The latest drama for this stunning actor and probably the best high school/adult/revenge/ work drama ever. The direction of this drama is very unique, and it could get a bit confusing, but it sure is too intriguing to leave alone. I guess that is one of the charms of unique things. The primary role of Yoo Seung-ho in this one is an adult back into high school to study and graduate. Now that's more than enough to make me watch, but his backstory and his unique developments kept me on my toes all throughout the drama. I loved how the kids grew and how he managed to solve stuff. I won't spoil, but this has some magic so watch. The overall rating for this one is 7/10 cuz of some fluffy stuff that I didn't enjoy much.

By the way, I kinda jumped a couple of years here, but that's only, cuz these are the top dramas for me, however, there are many other memorable roles for this guy that you should watch as well. Some memorable roles include:
  • Arang and the Magistrate (2012)
  • Remember: War of the Son (2015)
  • The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017)


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