7 Top Kpop Idols Turned Actors

As fans of Kpop, we all like to see our Bae try something new, especially acting because then we get to see them weekly for some-time. Some idols succeed in giving us perfect satisfaction as actors and some don't. We keep loving them though, just not as actors. Everyone probably has their list of the best Idol-Actors and we decided to share our list with you. 

Best Kpop Idols Who Can Act

1. Choi Siwon ( Super Junior)

Super Junior's first centre "Choi Siwon" is probably one of the best Idol-Actors you could think about. His first role in the drama "Oh My Lady" was very good. Although the drama itself was not highly rated, his acting did show enough talent to grab the attention of various directors. He followed that role with some unique roles in dramas like Posseidon, She Was Pretty, King of Dramas, etc. No one can forget his acting in “ I Was Pretty”, it left us all heartbroken with the worst second lead syndrome you could think about. His final role in the drama " My Fellow Citizens" shows such unique comedic acting. The writing itself also shows unique potential as it discusses social aspects in a different and unique setting.

2. Park Hyung-Sik (ZEA)

Although ZEA members are no longer together, too many of these talented guys are actors right now and Park Hyung-Sik is amongst the most well-known members. Who didn't hear about " Strong Woman Do Bong Soon"? I think no one. Park Hyung-Sik has a very sweet voice but he is also a very good actor as well. Try the Korean version of "Suits" if you wish to see his acting ability. 

3. Seo In Guk 

Although many people know this guy as an actor, the truth is he did not start as an actor. Seo In Guk started as a singer and he literally has one of the best voices I ever heard. Seo In Guk is very well-known amongst the international community thanks to his roles in dramas like I Remember You, Reply 1997 and Shopaholic Louis. 

4. Junho (2PM) 

Junho is probably the 2nd member of 2PM to gain attention due to his acting skills. If you ever watched "Chief Kim", you probably know what I am talking about. His acting from his very first drama was just perfect and he managed to follow it up directly with a leading role. His leading role in "Just Between Lovers" is simply amazing. His role was extremely sad and complicated and he managed to deliver all the emotions perfectly. 

5. Ok Taecyeon ( 2PM) 

You can't mention 2PM without mentioning Taecyeon. Taecyeon is probably the first to get noticed as an actor in this boy group. His role in "Cindrella's Step Sister" was his starting point and "Dream High" was the beginning of a streak of leading roles for him. He is not in the same company as 2PM anymore, however, they all did mention that they will still be together so we will have to wait and see. 

6. Rain

Who did not hear about Rain before? I am sure no one. You all probably heard about "Full House" before and if you still haven't watched it, go and watch. This classic drama is a gem in terms of acting, comedy and even romance. Rain is still an amazing actor until now; watch his latest drama " Sketch" if you wish to see a unique drama with suspense, mystery, Sci-Fi and much more.

7. Hoya ( Infinite) 

Hoya is a former Infinite member who gained a lot of attention as an actor due to his unique role in "Reply 1997". He also recently appeared in another unique character as a weak intern in the drama " Radiant Office".  He has a lot of potential as an actor and we seriously wish to see him as the lead soon. 
Now, what do you think of this list? Do you have another list you'd like to share with us? Tell us who is your favourite Idol turned actor.


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