Wanna Be a BTS manager ? Now You Can

Wanna Be a BTS manager? Now You Can

"BTS world" is a new game that will be released soon. It is, of course about the popular K-pop group BTS. The game is supposedly an interactive game with more than 10000 new exclusive videos and pictures. The simulation game will start with the band searching for a manager to help them and you as the player getting hired to be "The Manager", the decisions you take will affect the walk of fame of the band and what albums will be released, etc. BTS is known internationally and thus, the game will be available not only in Korea but also to international players as well. Pre-registration for the game started today, and the lucky players who will get chosen for the gameplay will be able to play the game before it is released in the market.

It is a rather unique and new experience for a game to be built totally on real-life characters, and whether this succeeds or not depends on how interactive the game really will be. The company responsible for the game is Netmarble International, the company that designed Iron Thrones: Kingdom and Lineage II and they promised the fans a unique experience with this game. Fans are generally excited about the game and some fear that it might cost a lot of money, however, it sure is obvious that the band itself is excited for the game as they tweeted "We're looking for a manager who will help us debut!" to announce the concept of the game.

Watch the official trailer here.


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