Abyss ... First Look at a New Korean Drama

Abyss, The name alone give you a sci-fi feeling, a different feeling from the story. Netflix aired the first couple of episodes of this series just recently and as an avid follower of Kdramas, I had to watch it. The series starts with the death of the main character. Yes, you read that correctly!. The main character dies suddenly without any explanation in the drama and then he is revived.

 He is revived as a handsome guy who girls fall in love with all the time.  The main actor is a handsome guy, however, the main character isn't? confused ... same here. Park bo young also appears in a similar form, however, in her case, the main character turns into park bo young who is in fact not pretty, from the main character's point of view of course!

Although the drama starts with a death, the fact that the death scene with all its gore turned into something hilarious just seconds later explains exactly what type of drama this is. I believe it will be a unique drama that won't stick to the traditional well-known and expected results of the general mystery context. If anything, the appearance of Seo In-Guk in the first episode is amongst the top un-expected surprises for me. It was nice to see him after so long.

 So far, the drama has more than just one unexpected event. It discusses what it is like to be revived ... however, with a different face. It also discusses a mysterious killer that is hard to understand and so far has no reason to kill. The guy acting as the villian is also a unique actor, he is quite an actor, I remember clearly falling in love with his acting as a father in the sons and as a chef in Jealousy Incarnate. He is different that is for sure. Despite the fact that this drama is new, I believe it will be quite the attention-grabber this season.


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